Corporate Update January 2024

Robert Herritt: Final Judgement $141,800 and Permanent Injunction Styro-Go Canada Inc. would like to inform our valued clients and friends that we have successfully obtained a judgment and permanent injunction against Mr. Robert Herritt. More details are available through this link: 2301-07753 Order FILED November 8, 2023 We are hopeful that [...]

Styro-Go welcomes new Municipalities on board

November 1, 2023 John Johnson and Roy Adam (Co-Owners/Directors of Styro-Go) would like to welcome aboard the following Municipalities: City of Edmonton Eco-Stations Strathcona County Town of Devon City of Spruce Grove

Corporate Update September 2023

To our valued clients and friends, please be advised that Mr. Robert Herritt is no longer associated with Styro-Go effective June 6, 2023. Over the past couple of month's Mr. Herritt's actions have caused us to obtain a court order and mandatory injunction against Mr. Herritt. (see the link here [...]

Squash that styrofoam to keep it out of landfills, Alberta company says

Styrofoam that fills two trailers can be compressed to the size of kitchen fridge. Those hunks of styrofoam that encase your latest Amazon purchase could soon find a new purpose. Residents just need to look a little north — to St. Albert — to see the potential for styrofoam scraps [...]

Why More Cities Are Recycling Styrofoam

What happens to all the Styrofoam residents have been recycling in St. Albert? More on a massive market that Edmonton and Calgary have yet to take advantage of. Read More

Where does all the Styrofoam go?

Wondering what to do with the Styrofoam that came along with your recent purchase? The City of St. Albert has been accepting Styrofoam at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot as part of a pilot project since July 1. Instead of throwing it away, residents can drop off clean, white Styrofoam [...]

U of L finds way to recycle styrofoam

When residents head to Lethbridge’s recycling depots, they get the message: We can’t recycle styrofoam. Yes you can, officials at the University of Lethbridge have learned. Now the U of L has become the nation’s first university to run its own styrofoam recycling program. Read More

Less than 2% of polystyrene products are
recycled even though they are among the
most easily recycled plastics.

Did You Know...

Regular polystyrene used to ship products
typically weighs about 0.5 lbs per cubic foot.
After Styro-Go processes it we increase the
density to over 60 lbs per cubic foot.

Did You Know...

Studies from California and University of Victoria
have shown that polystyrene is the LEAST carbon
intensive shipping product to produce when including
both upstream and downstream carbon cost and GHG

Did You Know...

Polystyrene is still the safest packaging for food, medical and
other products with the highest antimicrobial rating compared
to other packaging.

Did You Know...

Polystyrene is widely available around the world
and is cheap to produce making it both the
most economical and safest packaging material

Did You Know...

Polystyrene is one of only a few plastics that can be recycled
in BOTH an open AND closed loop. It can be recycled into
brand new virgin polystyrene as well as reclaimed (regrind)
polystyrene or into other products entirely.

Did You Know...