What We Do

Styro-Go has developed the technology to offer recycling of polystyrene (EPS- commonly referred to by the brand name Styrofoam) in a cost-efficient method. Developing this technology on a mobile platform has given Styro-Go the flexibility to offer this much needed service over a far wider geographic area than previously possible in the most cost effective way possible.

How We Do It

Styro-Go’s trucks are custom made self-contained recycling units. Each 5 ton truck can process and carry as much as 5 full size (53 foot) transport trailers of material- in just one small 5 ton truck! Our truck shows up, the loose material is put into our machine that crushes and densifies it- a ratio of 90:1. A 53 foot trailer of loose material will reduce in a few hours to half the size of a conventional fridge. The material goes through the machine, we pack the outflow into bricks about 1 cubic foot in size, each weighing about 60 lbs. These bricks (sometimes called “Ingots”) are packed and wrapped on a pallet and offloaded at the warehouse ready to be shipped to a recycler.

Why We Do It

Prior to the launch of Styro-Go most people didn’t even know polystyrene was recyclable. This misunderstanding has been actively promoted by many municipalities over the years since the conventional recycling method was cost prohibitive. By recycling polystyrene, we are:

  • Extending the lifespan of existing landfills (this translates into millions of dollars saved per year)
  • Offering a much needed service to recycle one of the most common type of plastics used in modern society.
  • Helping contribute to reducing commercial and residential waste streams by up to 90%.
  • Reclaiming a valuable commodity- by recycling polystyrene one of the main recycled products are trim, moldings and wood-based products. By using polystyrene to produce these materials fewer trees are cut down to be used for manufacturing.

Rest Of The Story…

Styro-Go started to be able to offer people an affordable way to recycle polystyrene and other related plastics. Styro-Go grew into a vital part of the recycle food chain to make Canada a greener place. Styro-Go is now a key driver to help in the transition to a zero waste economy.

In the past, most plastics including polystyrene have been shipped overseas as raw materials for manufacturing for various products… only to shipped back and sold here in Canada. Styro-Go’s growth and proven technology has finally attracted companies willing to start up true plastics recycling and manufacturing right here in Canada. In the coming future Styro-Go processed materials will be used in manufacturing various parts and components of local plastic and manufacturing industries. Not only will this cutting edge innovation create new jobs and investment but it will allow Styro-Go to be able to recycle a far wider range of plastics and materials further improving our environmental track record by keeping more plastic waste out of the landfill and reused as new raw material in cutting edge manufacturing.

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Co-Owners/Directors: John Johnson and Roy Adam

Less than 2% of polystyrene products are
recycled even though they are among the
most easily recycled plastics.

Did You Know...

Regular polystyrene used to ship products
typically weighs about 0.5 lbs per cubic foot.
After Styro-Go processes it we increase the
density to over 60 lbs per cubic foot.

Did You Know...

Studies from California and University of Victoria
have shown that polystyrene is the LEAST carbon
intensive shipping product to produce when including
both upstream and downstream carbon cost and GHG

Did You Know...

Polystyrene is still the safest packaging for food, medical and
other products with the highest antimicrobial rating compared
to other packaging.

Did You Know...

Polystyrene is widely available around the world
and is cheap to produce making it both the
most economical and safest packaging material

Did You Know...

Polystyrene is one of only a few plastics that can be recycled
in BOTH an open AND closed loop. It can be recycled into
brand new virgin polystyrene as well as reclaimed (regrind)
polystyrene or into other products entirely.

Did You Know...

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